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1. The contents of this form is the property of the JDF and is subject to modification without advance notice.

2. The JDF is not obligated to accept any application and reserves the right to process applications based on the specific needs of the Force.

3. Acceptance to the JDF is subject to successfully meeting internal requirements and/or the occurrence of a recruiting drive.

4. The JDF is not obligated to accept applicants who were eligible at the time of applying but due to delays in the timings for recruiting, have become ineligible based on surpassing the age limit.

5. Your application will be processed in the order that it was received. Where excessive waiting periods are encountered, the JDF regrets such delays but does not accept liability for any inconveniences caused.

6. Applicants are encouraged to utilize the online application status checking facility.

7. By selecting agree you are indemnifying the JDF of all liabilities resulting from any action during the recruiting application process.


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