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Headquarters Jamaica Defence Force 
Up Park Camp 
Kingston 5
Telephone – 926-8121-9

Other contact numbers for units are listed in the blue pages of the telephone directory. 


A career in the JDF prepares you to meet and deal with life’s challenges decisively and effectively. You are given an opportunity to serve, to lead and to give yourself a competitive edge on life.  Subject to vacancy, the Commissioned officer has several career choices including:

  • Infantry officer
  • Pilot officer
  • Seaman officer
  • Engineer officer

Here are four key steps if you are interested in a rewarding and challenging career in the Jamaica Defence Force.

  • Assess whether or not you have the leadership skills, guts, intelligence and determination to survive basic training.
  • Decide on which career group and type of Queen's Commission you which to adopt.
  • Practice your leadership skills in your school, church, community, and among your peers.
  • Write an application letter indicating the reasons for your interest in the JDF – and why the JDF should be interested in you.

Write to:

SO1 J1 (Personnel and Administration)
Jamaica Defence Force 
Up Park Camp 
Kingston 5 
Fax (876)926-8243
email – SO1 J1

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JDF Recruiting

Tel – 1 – 876 – 926-8121  Ext 2207 
Email –
Submit Queries Here 

JDF Logistics Coy

The JDF Logistics Coy oversees all the catering, supply, and procurement demands of the Force. The food, stores and equipment purchased by the JDF involves contact with suppliers and manufacturers world-wide. Equipment, material and services are normally obtained through competitive tender from local and overseas suppliers. To discuss procurement matters, contact:

Officer Commanding 
JDF Logistics Coy 

Tel – 1 – 876 – 926-8121-9   Ext 2170 
Fax – 1 – 876 – 968 – 0668
email –

Force Catering Officer Tel – 1 – 876 – 926-8121-9   Ext 2176 

Fax – 1 – 876 – 968-0668

Purchasing Officer

Tel – 1 – 876 – 926-8121-9  Ext 2171 
Fax – 1 – 876 – 926 – 0668