Caribbean Military School of Music JDF/JSIF summer camp closing exercise

The JDF/JSIF Summer Camp

Against the background of growing crime and deviant behaviour within our youth, especially within
many inner-city communities, the JSIF Summer Camp represents the first step by the JDF to engage
music as one tool within its options for intervention. An initiative of the Caribbean Military School of
Music (CMSoM), the three-week programme was designed to impact 20 participants, predominantly
from ZOSO communities – August Town, Rosseau Road, Greenwich Town, and Arnett Gardens – by
exposing them to the playing of musical instruments in intense sessions of music immersion. The
programme ran between the dates 4 July to 22 July. There were seven females, and 14 males, with
most participants being between the ages fifteen years old and twenty years old. Under the
supervision of faculty from the CMSoM, the participants were taught by three teachers: one a
lecturer in Music at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, and two advanced
students in the music programme at that institution. The students were exposed to the playing of
the musical instruments generally used in the creation of popular music, such as acoustic guitars,
trap set, voice, conga drums, keyboards, and bass guitar, both individually and in medium and small