Jamaica Defence Force

Corps of Military Police t

The Corps of Military Police (CMP) was stood up on 1 Sep 2019 on recommendations of the Board of Officers having assembled and was envisioned as the primary JDF entity responsible for the enforcement of the Rule of Law, Force Detention and Corrections, military discipline and general Force Protection within all military installations.  The CMP HQ is located in Lathbury Barracks, Up Park Camp, Kingston 5

Our Mission

To provide effective force protection and operational security support in order to enable the Jamaica Defence Force to meet its mission, roles and responsibilities.

Our Vision

To be a unit that consistently exhibits professionalism, fairness and impartiality in the execution of its duties; whilst inspiring trust and contributing to a general confidence in the precepts of military policing.


Force Protection

  • Facilities and Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Military Law Enforcement
  • Investigations and Corrections
  • Close protection
  • Military Working Dogs (canine specialty)

Operational Security Support

  • General Security/Service Support
  • Maneuver and Mobility Support

State Support

  • Control Re-entry Program at the Airports
  • Support to the Ministry of Health on the National Vaccination drive

Duties Performed by CMP

  • Ceremonial guard at the National Heroes Circle
  • Key point protection at HQ JDF
  • Sentries at Cannon Ball Gate, Queens Gate and Duppy Gate
  • Deserter Run operations
  • Support to Jca Regt (MWD and Search Plt)
  • Ceremonial Duties (door opening, guards, escorts and funeral support)
  • Escort duties
  • HADR
  • Operation Digby (canine)
  • Investigations
  • Traffic management
  • Operation BLITZ
  • Re-Entry Support

No1 MP Coy (Specialist)

No.1 MP Coy HQ is located at Cotton Tree Gate Guard Room, Up Park Camp, Kingston 5.  The Coy is responsible for Investigations, Detention and Corrections, Close Protection and Specialized Searching. 

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No2 MP Coy

The Coy has not been stood up and is currently being administered to by No.1 MP Coy.

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Military Working Dog Company

The Military Working Dog Company HQ is located at Moneague Training Camp (MTC) and is responsible for providing operational support in form of military working dogs for protection and searches, detection of firearms, ammunition, explosives and contraband.

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