Jamaica National Service Corps to expand to Western Jamaica

Observer Story Published: Thursday 16 May 2019

Security minister Dr Horace Chang has announced that the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) will be expanding the Jamaica National Service Corps (JNSC) to western Jamaica.

He did not provide a time frame within which the roll-out is expected, but the move is ostensibly tied to the security forces’ push to rein in incidence of crime in the parish.

“The JDF’s roll out of the Jamaica National Service Corps, which will have a footing in western Jamaica soon, one that I look forward to, continues to make significant strides,” Dr Chang said. “I look forward to the expansion of the Jamaica National Service Corps. I know that will demonstrate the commitment of the Government in reaching out to unattached youths and creating the opportunity for young men and women. “

He was speaking Tuesday at the opening ceremony for the JDF’s Burke Barracks accommodation in Montego Bay, which will serve as the new home of the Second Battalion, the Jamaica Regiment (2JR).

The JNSC was established in 2017 as part of Government’s Housing, Opportunity, Production and Employment Programme (HOPE), which aims to provide educational and job opportunities for young people.

Dr Chang noted that so far, of the 2,076 youth enrolled in the JNSC, 640 have enlisted in the JDF.

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