Jamaica Regiment Orienteering Champions

Land navigation is a core military discipline that is an essential part of military training and military ethos that must be mastered by servicemembers, especially those in the #regiment.
Orienteering is a distinct form of navigation that requires skills using a map, compass, and other navigating devices, to effectively move over unfamiliar terrain using grid coordinates.
During an orienteering event, servicemembers must be confident in their ability to maintain, concentration, make decisions while working under pressure, and sustain a single-minded determination to overcome any setbacks and mistakes.
This year’s competition was held over a two-day period in St Jago Hills, St Catherine where competitors were required to navigate as an individual, in a section, and at the Platoon level. This not only encouraged team building but also increased soldiers’ confidence in their peers.
At the end of the competition, the Second Battalion, The Jamaica Regiment (2JR), claimed the title of the 2023 Jamaica Regiment Orienteering Champion, followed closely by the First Battalion, The Jamaica Regiment (1JR), and Combat Support Battalion (CSB) secured the third place respectively.
The Champion navigator for this year’s competition was awarded to Pte Martin from the Fourth Battalion, The Jamaica Regiment (4JR).
The competition was not only an educational and fulfilling experience; it also assessed the problem-solving skills of the members, whilst practicing all aspects of Map Reading and Land Navigation by day and night in real-life Infantry situations for training realism.