The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) and the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s (JCF) relentless pursuit of Nesta ‘Bigga Crime’ Morrison climaxed earlier today when Morrison was fatally shot following a target raid conducted by the JDF and the Counter Terrorism & Organized Crime Investigations Branch (CTOC).

During the operation, ‘Bigga Crime’ engaged the members of the security force in a fire fight, which ended in him being fatally shot.

The security forces have been in hot pursuit of Morrison; efforts were ramped up since the launch of the Joint Anti-Gang Task Force (JAGTF), which saw the security forces closing in on his hideouts.

The JDF remains committed to protecting our fellow citizens and creating a safer Jamaica.

Citizens are encouraged to disassociate themselves with any fugitive of the law and report any knowledge of their crimes to the security forces.

Criminals are also encouraged to take heed and turn themselves in before it is too late.