Special Tactics Training Centre Official Opening

The Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) opened the Caribbean Special Tactics Centre at the Moneague Training Camp, St Ann on Monday, March 26, 2018.

Developed in collaboration with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) the CSTC is a specialist training institution which will provide certificate courses in various cutting-edge military strategies and methods in keeping with international best practices.

Funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC), Capacity Building Programs, the Caribbean Special Tactics Centre (CSTC) is one of the premier military Centres of Excellence in the region whose mission will be to produce graduates proficient in advanced military tactics and techniques.

The CSTC was conceived out of ongoing training and mentorship engagements between the JDF and CAF, “Operation Ackee’. The Canadian Special Operations Forces Command has a lengthy history of supporting capacity building programs with a number of countries from Latin America and the Caribbean to enhance their capacities to maintain security in their countries and in the region overall. This venture has enabled the JDF to act in a dual capacity-building role for itself and its regional counterparts in various specialized disciplines.

The CSTC is the fifth Centre of Excellence to be created under this partnership, and is the only institution of its kind in the Caribbean that caters to advanced training and certification needs of specialized professional forces.

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