Jamaica Defence Force

No1. Military Police Company Roles and Duties

Detention and Corrections

    • Red Fence Adult Correctional Centre
    • Staff and secure all major Military Corrections Facilities.
    • Provide general rehabilitation services for military personnel under Detention
    • Detain special remandess.

Special Investigations Branch (SIB)

    • Investigate incidents reported against persons subject to Military Law, or incidents which occur on a military installation.
    • Liaise with Civil Police in their investigations against service members.
    • Provide specialized investigative skills (scene of crime and forensics).
    • Post the investigative process in any incident concerning Service members

Close Protection Group (CPG)

    • CPG provides armed or unarmed Specialists to protect;
    • A nominated Principal Officer (High Risk Personnel).
    • Military High-Risk Personnel (MHRP) such as members of the General Staff Board (GSB)
    • Visiting VIPs High Level Public Officials (HLPOs); as directed by the Headquarters.

Search Platoon 

    • CMP personnel are detached OPCOM under the CSC’s Joint Command
    • Conduct systematic and rummage searches

    • Metal detectors

    • Mirror stick