Jamaica Defence Force

Regimental Sergeant Major Combat Support Battalion

Warrant Officer Class One Ricardo L Hepburn

Warrant Officer Class One (WO1) Hepburn, R was born to mother Caseta McPherson and father Linford Hepburn (both now deceased) on the 25 th of June 1969 in the parish of Manchester, Jamaica.  He was educated at the Spalding Primary School and Knox College in the Parish of Clarendon.  He was Enlisted in the Jamaica Defence Force on the 2nd of August 1990 and was trained in intake 66 at the Jamaica Defence Force Training Depot now renamed The Caribbean Infantry Training Centre (CITC), in Newcastle, St Andrew.

After graduating from the Training Depot, he was posted to Bravo Company the Second Battalion the Jamaica Regiment in February 1991 and worked as a rifleman in #9 section.  He completed a Potential Non-Commissioned Officers Cadre (PNCO) at the Moneague Training Camp in April 1994 and was awarded the Runner Up Best Student and was promoted to the rank of Lance Corporal.  He was subsequently transferred to Charlie Company (C Coy) where he was appointed the Section Second in Command of number 6 section.

In 1995 WO1 Hepburn was a part of a United Nation (UN) Peace Keeping Force to Haiti which assisted in the maintenance of Law and Order between March and September of that same year and was subsequently awarded the UN General Service Medal to Haiti.  In March 1996 he attended a Junior Non-Commissioned Officers (JNCO) Cadre at the CITC and in May of that same year was promoted to the rank of Corporal and was appointed the Section Commander of number 6 section C Coy.  In 1998 WO1 HEPBURN attended and successfully completed a Senior Non-Commissioned Officers Cadre (SNCO) held also at the CITC in Newcastle.  As a Corporal, WO1 Hepburn became involved in training and assisted with a several courses.  These include: young soldiers advanced training, The Infantry Trade Test Refresher course and the Battalion Weapons Instructor courses. In 1999 he was a member of a group of Jamaica Defence Force Members who had the privilege of doing the Queens Guard at Windsor Castle in England UK whilst Her Majesty the Queen was present at the location.

In 2001 WO1 Hepburn attended and was successful in the Other Arms Small Arms Instructor Course (making him qualified to instruct and run live firing on the range).  This course was held in Brecon Wales UK.  Shortly after his return.  He was subsequently attached to the CITC between March 2002 and April 2004 where he assisted in four recruit intakes as a Squad Corporal and as a Syndicate Instructor on both PNCOs and JNCOs Cadres.  Later in 2004 WO1 Hepburn was transferred to the CITC this was the result of his knowledge and dedication shown throughout his two years on attachment to the CITC.  During this time, he would have trained four recruits’ intakes as a squad instructor.  In 2005 WO1 Hepburn was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and was appointed Platoon Sergeant for four intakes and a several courses ranging from Potential, Junior and SNCOs Cadres and Range Management Courses.  In July 2010, he was promoted to the rank of Staff Sergeant and was appointed the Depot Quarter Master Sergeant.  Also, in 2010 for his hard work, dedication and discipline WO1 Hepburn was awarded the medal of Honour for Long Service & Good Conduct to the Jamaica Defence Force.  In April 2012 WO1 Hepburn was transferred to the Jamaica Defence Force Air Wing where he held several appointments.  These include: The Unit Quartermaster Sergeant (JDF AW), the Flight Sergeant Major for Support Flight and the Senior Non-Commission Officer in charge of Shooting at The Jamaica Defence Force Air Wing.  In September of the same year, he attended and successfully completed the Warrant Officer Course held at the Caribbean Junior Command and Staff College (CJCSC) now the Caribbean Institute of Professional Military Education (CIPME) at the Moneague Training Camp St Ann. WO1 Hepburn, in December of 2013 was awarded The Queens Golden Jubilee Medal having completed over 18 years of distinguished and reckonable service.  For his continued hard work, he was promoted to the rank of WO1 in March 2014.

WO1 Hepburn also served at the Second Battalion the Jamaica Regiment as a Company Sergeant Major and the Warrant officer in charge of the Regimental Police.  He also served at the Directorate of Training and Doctrine (DTD) where he was the Unit Sergeant Major (PSI) at the Third Battalion (JNR).  In June 2019 he was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer Class One.  He also was an Instructor on the Advanced Drill Course serials 14/01, 16/01, 18/01 held at the CITC and as the Chief Instructor for the serial 1901, the Warrant Officers Course serials 14/01, 17/01 and 1801 held at the CIPME, Moneague Training Camp St Ann.  During his illustrious career WO1 Hepburn successfully completed various professional and Military Courses including:

LOCAL COURSES; Potential, Junior and Senior Non Commissioned Officers Cadre (1994, 1996 and 1998),Train The Trainer Course (2001), Supervisory Management Course (2007), Post Blast Investigation (2008), Advanced Drill Course (2009), All Arms Service Funds Course (2010), Warrant Officer’s Course (2012), Supplies Management Course (2012-2013) and a Peer Support Counselling Course (2018).

OVERSEAS COURSE: The Other Arms Small Arms Instructor Course (2001).  WO1 Hepburn is presently employed as the Regimental Sergeant Major the Combat Support Battalion (CSB).  He is a widower and a father of one son. He is an avid sports fanatic who enjoys a good game of football, cricket, volleyball and track and field athletics.