Jamaica Defence Force

Conductor, Support Brigade

Warrant Officer Class One Garie D Barton

Warrant Officer Class One (WO1) Garie Dean Barton was born April 1967 in the parish of St Mary.  He attended the Camberwell All Age School, the High Gate All Age School and the Port Maria Secondary School.

WO1 Barton enlisted in the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) in July 1988. Upon completing his basic training at the JDF Training Depot, Newcastle (Now Caribbean Infantry Training Centre), he was posted to the First Battalion the Jamaica Regiment (1 JR), where he served at Charlie Company as the Company Armstoreman, and later as a Section Commander. He was promoted to rank of Sergeant and transferred to the Second Battalion the Jamaica regiment (2 JR) in 2007.

WO1 Barton was promoted to his current rank of WO1 in October 2017, and was appointed Conductor Logistic Company (presently ‘Logistics Warrant Officer, Logistics Company’) in December 2017. In December of 2020, he was appointed Conductor, Support Brigade, being the first person to take up that post since its name change from ‘Brigade Sergeant Major, Support Brigade’ in that same month.

Throughout his distinguished career, WO1 Barton has held several key appointments in the JDF, some of which includes serving as the Mess Manager for the Infantry Officers’ Mess; the Company Quarter Master Sergeant, and subsequently the Company Sergeant Major for Charlie Company, 2 JR, and the battalion appointment of Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant for 2 JR.

As a long-serving member of the Force, WO1 Barton has attended several military and professional courses to include: Potential, Junior and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers’ Cadres, Warrant Officers’ Course, French Commander Course, Advanced Weapon Handling (M249) Course and the All Arms Service Funds Course. WO1 Barton was invited to attend the Logistics Seminar held by the DC National Guard in Washington DC, November 2012.

As a senior military logistician and troop manager, WO1 Barton holds a Diploma in Production Management from the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean and a Diploma in Supplies Management from the Management Institute of National Development.

WO1 Barton is the recipient of the Medal of Honor for Meritorious Service, the Medal of Honor for General Service and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. He is an avid sports man who enjoys playing volleyball and basketball. He also enjoys watching sports and listening to music.

He is married and is the proud father of one child.