Jamaica Defence Force

Support and Services Battalion t

The Support and Services Battalion was formed in 1973 and was initially called The Staff and Services Unit which comprised of the Garrison Administrative Unit, Force Engineer Unit, Jamaica Military Workshop, Jamaica Military Stores Depot, Medical Reception Station, JDF Coast Guard, JDF Air Wing, Force Provost Unit, Jamaica Military Band and Newcastle Depot. Currently, the Battalion has an average strength of nineteen (19) officers and six hundred (600) other ranks, employed in six (6) companies.

Our Mission

To provide timely, required and anticipated service support to the JDF
in order to ensure the successful completion of the JDF’s mission.

Our Vision

To procure the best stores and equipment, ensure the preventative and
restorative maintenance of all stores and equipment to facilitate the prudent and
timely provision of required and anticipated Service Support to the Force.


Service to Support.

The Unit provides administrative, technical and logistic support to the entire
Force namely:

  • The provision of combat supplies and material
  • Ground transportation
  • Recovery and repair of equipment and vehicles
  • Administrative Services
  • Finance and Record Keeping
  • Force Information System and Communications

Administrative Company

The Admin Coy comprises of three (3) departments namely the Battalion Headquarters, Jamaica Military Band and the QM Dept. These departments concentrate primarily on the administration of soldiers and officers, music and ceremonial engagements and stores respectively.

Logistics Company

The Logs Coy acts as the quartermaster unit of the JDF and
supplies the Force with equipment and other resources for its everyday operations. Logs Coy also has responsibilities for the Force Catering Center which manages all Chefs throughout the Force.

JDF Workshop

The JDF Workshop is required to perform an essential role in the regular inspection, maintenance and modification of mechanical, electrical, communication and aeronautical items as well as other equipment and furniture throughout the Force. The Forward Repair
Team is responsible for the recovery of the JDF vehicles which have
developed mechanical or other problems whilst on deployment.

Transport Company

The Tpt Coy coordinates all JDF transportation needs including the training and testing of drivers for the Force.

Military Pay Company

The Mil Pay Coy has the responsibilities for the accurate calculation of soldiers pay and allowances.

Communications & Information Systems Company

The Comms and Info Sys Coy comprises of two platoons namely the Communications Platoon and the Information Systems Platoon. The Comms Dept which consists mainly of radio operators and signallers monitors both incoming and outgoing radio transmissions, telephone operations and correspondence that affect the Force. The Info Sys Platoon provides communications and information systems support for operational support units of the JDF, using the best technology available.