Third Battalion Bases

The infantry battalion of the National Reserve – the Third battalion the Jamaica Regiment – is accommodated in four bases. These bases are strategically located across the island. Their location establishes a military presence and facilitates quick reaction and smooth deployment of troops into the operational areas. The four bases are named after former serving members who have contributed significantly to the establishment and development of the base named in their honour.

Curphey Barracks

Curphey Barracks is located in Up Park Camp, Kingston and as such is in close proximity to the main headquarters of the Jamaica Defence Force. It is the main base of the Third Battalion and houses the Battalion’s Headquarters, Headquarter Company (HQ Coy), Alpha Company (A Coy) and Bravo Company (B Coy). Curphey Barracks is named in honour of a great Jamaican, Colonel Sir Aldington George Curphey, Kt., C.B.E., M.C., a medical doctor who gave outstanding community service as well as exemplary service in the two World Wars and other wars fought by the British Forces. Although deceased since 1958, in lasting recognition of his public service to the military, he was made an Honorary Colonel of the Jamaica Regiment and the Reserves base in Up Park Camp officially named after him.

Foster Barracks

In 1981, sixteen years after Clifton Foster enlisted as a soldier in the Third Battalion, one of its Sub-unit, Charlie (‘C’) Company was named after him. He had risen by then to the rank of Major and Second-in Command of Third Battalion. Charlie Company barracks located in Mandeville, central Jamaica, was officially named Foster Barracks the year after he died in remembrance of him and the memorable six years he served as the Officer Commanding that Sub-unit.

Burke Barracks

Burke Barracks located at the old Airport building in Montego Bay is named in honour of Major Basil Constantine Burke. Major Burke who was also from Montego Bay spearheaded the formation of Delta (D) Company in 1962 and commanded that sub-unit until his retirement in 1973. After he retired, his company requested to have ‘D’ Company named after him in permanent recognition of his service and leadership. The day after he died in August 1983, their wish was fulfilled.

Whitehorne Barracks

Whitehorne Barracks is the Frontier Camp in Port Maria. The camp which now accommodates the troops of Echo (‘E’) Company grew out of the will of a few founding members according to Major Hurlstone St Clair Whitehorne after whom the camp was named. Major Whitehorne at the parade ceremony at which the Whitehorne Barracks was so named, recalled the difficulties experienced by the founding members of the fledging days of the past, when the Camp had no parade square, no barrack rooms, no transportation and improvised lighting had to be used from privately owned vehicles to assist during night training. Then Major Whitehorne had the privilege of being present on the occasion when the barracks was officially named in his honour on 25 January 1986.