Historical Command

The command of the Force rests with the Chief of Defence Staff who is appointed by The Governor-General and is ultimately of the rank of Major General or Rear Admiral.

Past Chiefs of Staff
Brigadier P.E.Crook CBE DSO1962-65 Brigadier D.H.Smith CVO OBE ED JP 1965-73 Brigadier D.F.Robinson OBE ED JP 1973 Major General R.G.Green CD JP 1973-79
Major General R.J.Neish CD AFC JP 1979-90 Rear Admiral P.L.Brady CD CVO MMM JP 1990-1998 Major General J I Simmonds CD, CVO 1998-2002 Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin, CD, ADC, MBA, JP, psc (n) 2002-2007
Past Chiefs of Defence Staff
Major General Stewart Emerson St Leonard Saunders, CD, ADC, JP, MSc, psc 2007 – 2010 Major General A B ANDERSON, CD, ADC, JP, MDA, BEng (Hons), psc 2010 – 2016 Lieutenant General R R MEADE, OD, ADC, JP, PhD, MMAS, MA, BA (Hons), psc 2017 – Present
Current Chief of Defence Staff
Rear Admiral Antonette Wemyss Gorman