Jamaica Defence Force

Support & Services Battalion Duties

Administration and logistics have been key factors in determining the outcome of battles.  Within the JDF, the Support and Services Battalion is the heart beat of the Force.  Although not usually committed for operations, the Battalion provides operational assistance to the infantry battalions whenever the need arises and therefore in its normal functions, flexibility, like its motto ‘Serving to Support’ must be a battle cry. The Support and Services Battalion is the parent unit for such functions in the JDF as finance, transportation, medical, procurement and vehicle and weapon maintenance.  In understanding the functions of the Battalion, the relationship with the Headquarters Jamaica Defence Force (HQ JDF) must be understood.   HQ JDF is an autonomous unit.  However there are certain functions that reside under the Support and Services Battalion.

The Support and Servcies Battalion performs a number of vital support functions to the JDF.  These are primarily:

    • Provision of combat supplies and material
    • Ground transport
    • Recovery and repair of equipment
    • Administrative services
    • Military police services
    • Medical and dental services
    • Force level communications.

These duties are carried out by the following eight companies:

Medical Company

The Jamaica Defence Force Medical Company (Med Coy) provides a wide range of medical services to soldiers and their families.  The company provides full medical and dental coverage for officers and soldiers of the Regular Force and their immediate families as well as members of the National Reserve while training or during call out.  The other services that are available at Med Coy include counseling, family planning, public health, physiotherapy and pharmacy.  Med Coy’s highly qualified and efficient medical staff are also crucial to the survival of individuals in a casualty evacuation and several joint operations dedicated to outreach programmes.

Communications & Information Systems Company

The Communications and Information Systems Company (CISC) provides quick, safe and effective communications within the JDF while providing protection from Cyber Threats.  CISC is also responsible for communications training for the Force as well as the management, procurement and maintenance of telecommunications equipment.

Logistics Company

The Logistic Company is the supply arm of the JDF, and is responsible for ensuring that the army’s material needs are met at all times.  Logs Coy also ensures that ordnance material is available in the right quantity and condition, at the correct time and place, and in the most economical manner.  Some of the general roles of the Logistic Company include: supply of food, inspection and repairing (ammunition and general stores), explosive ordnance disposals (EOD) and quality control of ration.

Transport Company

The JDF Transport Unit facilitates road movement throughout the Force.  In addition to providing transport, the unit co-ordinates all driver training and testing, and supplements other units with drivers and monitors transport when required.  They are also instrumental in mobilizing VIP’s, royalty and diplomats on their visits to Jamaica in a safe and efficient manner.

JDF Workshop

The JDF Workshop is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the equipment, machinery and weapons that are utilized daily in performing the roles and responsibilities of the JDF.  In response to the frequent demand of such resources, the primary role of the JDF Workshop is to conduct regular inspection, maintenance and modification of mechanical, electrical and aeronautical items to ensure its operational capability.  The Workshop conducts first line repairs on vehicles and equipment via a Light Aid Detachment in Up Park Camp but forward repair teams are also located at various military bases around Jamaica.

Military Police Company

Military Police Company (MP Coy) is responsible for enforcing law and maintaining security on all military bases across Jamaica.  In addition, this company aids the prevention of crime by providing high profile uniformed patrols to deter, reduce the opportunity for crime, and maintenance of military discipline.  The MP Coy also is integral in providing assistance to the government for visits by diplomats, delegates and royalty.

Military Pay & Records Company

The Military Pay and Records Company is responsible for the administration of salaries, allowances pensions and financial advice for the Force such as the processing of Family records and maintenance of NOK information, processing of individual records from attestation to discharge, processing of final payment, management of service funds and audits and the processing of promotion data for all ranks.

Administrative Company

The Administrative Company forms a part of the Support and Services Battalion, which is very aptly described as the heartbeat of the Jamaica Defence Force.  Its primary objective is to deal mainly with clerical, music, quartering and records and provide operational support both internally and externally.  The areas responsible for the support of internal operations of Admin Coy are Quartermaster Department, Jamaica Military Band, Salon/Barber services, Museum and PRI and staffing all Messes in Up Park Camp.  This unit contributes to youth development through active involvement in the National Youth Service Programmes, held several times annually. Admin Coy is also responsible for running the Jamaica Military Museum and Library (JMML) which is located in Up Park Camp.

In addition to these duties, the Support and Service Battalion is also responsible for other duties performed in support of Nation Building.  The Unit also manages aspect of the JDF’s Youth Development activities such as the National Youth Service, High School work experience program, Career Talks and support to the Jamaica Combined Cadet Force (JCCF) as well as VIP Services such as transportation and Close Protection.