Jamaica Defence Force

Commanding Officer Fourth Battalion The Jamaica Regiment

Major F D Rowe

Major F D ROWE has an eighteen (18) year old career as a serving member of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) which has afforded him numerous opportunities and experiences, these have bolstered his abilities of creative and critical thinking, decision making, operations management as well as the efficient organization of people and resources.  A demonstrable history of same, is exemplified in his previous appointment as Aide-de-Camp (ADC) to His Excellency The Governor-General and in his current capacity as the Acting Commanding Officer, for the Fourth Battalion the Jamaica Regiment. These two (2) appointments have been key motivators in his desire to excel and upskill.

His time in service to His Excellency has been the most fulfilling military duty he has performed thus far. With responsibilities of providing security to the Governor-General, planning and executing State functions whilst managing teams and projects in a fast- paced environment- each day provided a new opportunity to solve a problem and implement change. Additionally, He had the pleasure of working closely with multiple youth groups, particularly the ones associated with the “I Believe Initiative” (IBI) and through the Initiative, continue mentorship to young adults. Though his responsibilities have changed, his mandate of holistic service- oriented leadership has not. As the Commanding Officer, he has direct responsibility for the administrative duties, discipline, training, guidance, and well-being for all Officers and Other Ranks.

Further to this, is his responsibility for scholarships and special projects at the Cornwall College Cadet Unit Foundation (CCCUF). In keeping with his personal mantra of “the only room in the house I am interested in; is the room for improvement”, his mission is to be a model of continuous growth that will inspire and motivate his family members, subordinates, colleagues, mentees and those unknown to him. He is married to the phenomenal- Tatesha.  Major ROWE is also a Combat Engineer Officer and when time is available enjoys off road driving, photography and restoring old cars (though not a mechanic).