Jamaica Defence Force

Roles & Duties

The Fourth Battalion The Jamaica Regiment (4 JR) is committed to assisting the civil police in central Jamaica, mainly in the parishes of Clarendon and St Catherine.

Operations are coordinated and designated by a Joint Task Force Headquarters comprising command elements from both the JCF and the JDF.  The roles and duties of the Unit are outlined ion detail hereunder:

  • To assist the JCF in conducting Internal Security (IS) Operations in order to capture wanted persons, recover illegal firearms, ammunition, drugs, and to restore and maintain law and order within specific communities.
  • To furnish the Ceremonial Guard at the National Heroes Circle.  This Ceremonial Guard is in place to provide military pageantry and a level of security to the Park. A Ceremonial change of the sentries takes place every hour on the hour from sunrise to sunset daily. This spectacle is open for viewing by the public.
  • To conduct Narcotics Eradication and Interdiction Operations across the country.  These operations include the destruction of cultivated and cured marijuana, and the interdiction of illicit drugs which may pass through Jamaican territory.